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Here at Roots and Wings we want to ensure that you at home are consistently kept in the loop with your children's learning experiences. Our Newsletter corner holds all the best-reads that document your children's learning!

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June 2023

It's graduation season! We are so excited. We are all getting ready for our new transitions be it from caterpillars to butterflies or butterflies to big school. Take a look at how we are preparing for these changes.


May 2023

Summer is in the air! We have a busy month ahead getting prepared for new transitions, change, and of course adventures to the beach, Newbridge and beyond!

April 2023

April was all about Easter, outdoor adventures and risky play! We have had an amazing time getting ready for the break and can't wait to see what yummy treats the Easter Bunny brings!

March 2023

March was jam packed with St.Patricks day celebrations, exploration and adventures! Take a look to see what we got up to!

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