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Beverton Preschool: Activities

About Beverton Preschool

What We Offer: 

Sessional (AM & PM)

Beverton Preshool is the first of the Muintir Childcare family. Opened by Nickola Cullen in 2002. Beverton Preschool was founded with one purpose - to create a space for all children to grow, learn and develop new skills and friendships with each passing day.

Through a child centred approach and a team of truly passionate educators, we nurutre children's develop through play, exploration and adventure.

If you are interested in a space with us please see our expression of interest form below!

Beverton Preschool: About Us

Children's Testimonials

Beverton Preschool: Testimonials

"I love the climbing frame, plus, I can do tricks on it!"

- Niamh

Our Beverton Team

Beverton Preschool: Staff
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Team Lead

Sue McGrady

Beverton Preschool: Pro Gallery

Expression of Interest Form

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Expression of Interest Form

Please download the attached form to register your interest at any one of our three services. We would like to remind you that filling out this form doesn't not guarantee you a space in our services. By submitting this form you will be added to our waitlist and contacted directly when a space becomes available.

Beverton Preschool: Apply Now
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